Rent guarantee is a type of insurance that covers landlords in the event of rental arrears or void periods. It offers protection against financial loss and provides peace of mind that their rent will be paid on time and any void periods will be covered, even if their tenant cannot pay.

Landlords should seriously consider taking out rent guarantee insurance to ensure the financial security of their rental property and provide peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, they are covered. With the right policy in place, landlords can be assured that their rental property is in safe hands.

At Ashcombe, we understand how important rent guarantee insurance is for landlords. That's why we offer it free of charge with our letting service. Our rent guarantee covers all costs associated with the tenant not paying their rent, including legal fees and court costs, so you can rest easy knowing your rental property is protected in the event of any

For full details click here - Ashcombe Rent Guarantee.pdf

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